World Leading Packing Systems

  • Technopak is the world leader in sanitary bag / sack filling of powdered materials such as Infant Formula, Milk Powders, Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Powders.
  • Our range goes from low rate manual filling components to fully automated 20 tonne/hr filling systems, with high accuracy.
  • Hygienic design allows for easy cleaning and robust construction provides years of high performance with minimal maintenance.

Optimum Control - Easy Clean - Low Dust - Safe

  • Technopak's packing machines use horizontal augers to provide maximum control of fluid powders for enhanced filling accuracy and simplified dismantling and cleaning.
  • Bags are fully clamped and sealed during filling to eliminate dust emissions and optimise product yield.
  • Lexan polycarbonate safety doors give full system visibility during operation, with automatic cutoff.

High Capacity - Reliable - Inert Gas Packing

  • High Capacity fully automated systems up to 20 tonne/hr.
  • Ultra-reliable bag heat sealing and closing systems.
  • Inert gas packing systems with < 2.5% Residual Oxygen.

Fully Automated - Low Footprint

  • Technopak’s new Compak filler provides the ultimate in fully automated sanitary 25kg bag filling and closing equipment with the lowest possible footprint.
  • Reduces packing room size to minimise capital cost.
  • Bags are held continuously during filling, sealing and closing, eliminates dropped bags and optimises closure quality.

Our Products

Technopak is the world leader for high capacity, high accuracy, dust free sanitary 25kg Bag Filling, Bulk Bag Packing and Powder Handling Systems.

25kg Bag Fillers

Technopak supplies a range of bag filling systems for 25kg / 50lb bags and FIBC bulk bags for....

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Compak 25kg Bag Filler

The Technopak Compak 25kg bag packing machine is ideal for the sanitary filling of milk powders and other dry materials into multi-wall kraft paper and plastic bags.

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Bag Filling Line Components

A full range of 25kg bag filling line components including heat sealers, neck preparers/stretchers, bag conveyors...

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Bulk Bag Fillers

Technopak supplies a range of sanitary filling equipment for bulk bags, FIBC's, bins, totes, drums...

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Powder Sampling Systems

Technopak sanitary sampling systems are versatile and enable the capture of multiple samples from different locations

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Technopak - Quality

Technopak designs, manufactures and installs hygienic 25kg bag filling and packing lines, bulk bag filling equipment and complete powder handling and conveying systems for the dairy, infant formula, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Hygienic 25kg and Bulk Bag Filling
  • Powder Handling and Conveying Systems
  • Powder Sampling Systems
  • Tamper Evident Sealing Systems
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