Effective dust collection equipment is a vital part of powder handling systems in order to maintain clean hygienic conditions and a safe working environment.

Technopak supplies dust extraction and air filtration systems designed with high capture velocities to efficiently remove dust from the working environment around filling machines, powder handling equipment and pneumatic conveying systems.

Certified systems compliant with regulations for Occupational Safety and Health, and combustible dust hazards.







  • Efficiently designed dust extraction hoods, canopies and manifolds
  • Hygienic ducting with hand demountable couplings
  • Designed in accordance with national and international standards for face velocities and airborne concentrations
  • High efficiency dust collectors with automatic self-cleaning filters using reverse pulses of compressed air
  • Stainless steel sanitary or mild steel construction to suit application
  • Free-standing collectors with waste bins
  • Flange-mounted Bin Vents for silo venting
  • Mini-units for venting of surge hoppers, mixers, filling systems and small vessels
  • Fully welded reinforced construction
  • Polished internal and external finishes
  • Hopper powder level monitoring
  • Air exhaust dust level monitoring
  • Dust explosion protection, venting and suppression systems
  • Supplied with support frames, access platforms, ladders and stairways
  • USDA, FDA, CE, EHEDG, ATEX, Pharmaceutical standards compliant options

Supplied with complete integrated powder handling, packing and conveying systems.