Transporting powders between production, storage, processing and packing systems is a vital part of many industrial processes, and Technopak has wide experience in the sanitary handling of Dairy, Food and Nutritional materials.  The range of materials handled include friable agglomerated powders, hard abrasive crystalline materials, fine dusts and mixed ingredients – Technopak has the experience to provide a system optimised to suit the application.

Systems are custom designed and engineered to suit the particular process requirements of our customers, and our highly experienced team frequently develop new innovative solutions and equipment.


Pneumatic Conveying Systems – PRESSURE

Pressure convey systems are suitable for many applications and are capable of high rates over long distances to multiple destinations. More….



Pneumatic Conveying Systems – VACUUM

Vacuum convey systems are ideal for shorter convey distances and to transport material from multiple sorces to a single destination. Technopak has developed low velocity dense phase vacuum conveying for the low breakdown transport of friable materials.  More….


Mechanical Conveying Systems

Various mechanical conveying techniques may be used as part of a powder handling system, especially for short distances between fixed points and when accurate dosing is required.  More….