Packing in a low oxygen / inert gas environment is frequently used to extend the shelf-life of high-fat products such as whole-milk powders and Infant Formula.

Technopak supplies a range of equipment and systems to remove the air and replace with Nitrogen / CO2 in 25kg and bulk bag filling systems as well as for canning lines and sachet filling.




Several technologies may be utilised including:

Vacuum Pre-gassing Systems.

Gas Flushing Systems.

Post-gassing Systems – oxygen removal directly from the filled package



  • Very low Residual Oxygen (R.O.) levels for maximum shelf-life
  • Continuous on-line R.O. monitoring via Oxygen analysers
  • Integration with low velocity convey systems for combined powder transport and vacuum pre-gassing
  • Retro-fitting of post-gassing systems into existing packing systems at low capital cost
  • Gas recycling for minimum utilities consumption
  • Safe venting of excess gas with room monitoring / alarm systems
  • Sanitary demountable gas injectors and components
  • USDA, FDA, CE, EHEDG, ATEX, IECEX, Pharmaceutical standards compliant options

Supplied with complete integrated powder conveying, handling and packing systems.

  Nitrogen Gassing of Milk Powder