Technopak milk powder 25kg bag packing, bulk bag packer, powder handling systems

Technopak Powder Handling and Packing Systems

Technopak specialises in the supply of sanitary and hygienic powder handling systems for the conveying, storage, weighing, sifting, blending and other processing of milk powders, food products and pharmaceuticals.

Systems are custom designed and engineered to suit the particular process requirements of our customers, and our highly experienced team frequently develop new innovative solutions and equipment.


Powder Conveying Systems

Technopak’s engineers are highly experienced in a wide range of sanitary pneumatic and mechanical conveying methods for hygienic dry bulk materials.  Details.



Powder Storage Equipment

Powder Silos from 1 to 100 tonnes or more with integrated weighing and level monitoring systems, and discharge equipment to ensure complete emptying.  Details.



 Weighing and Dosing Systems

Powder hopper weighing and continuous dosing systems for batching and mixing processes. Full recipe handling controls with traceability for GMP and HACCP requirements.  Details.


 Dumping and Tipping Systems

Powder dumping equipment for 25kg bags, bulk bags, FIBC’s, bins, drums and other dry bulk handling containers are integrated with pallet handling conveyors and hygiene zones for sanitary powder tipping processes.  Details.


Nitrogen Gassing of Milk PowderGassing Systems

Nitrogen and CO2 inert gas systems using vacuum de-gassing and gas-flushing technologies to extend product shelf-life. Systems may use pre-gassing prior to filling, or post gassing of the filled container for optimum effectiveness and economy.  Details.


Blending Systems

Homogeneous sanitary blending of fragile food and nutritional products via a range of mixing technologies. Batch or continuous mixers are integrated with accurate weighing systems and ingredient handling controls for full product traceability. Details. 


Milling and Sifting Systems

Milling and size reduction systems to remove lumps or generate fine ground powders and sifting systems and classifying or scalping sifting systems using centrifugal or vibrating/gyratory screeners. Details.


Dust Collection

Dust extraction equipment and air filtration using automated compressed air driven self-cleaning filter systems for long life and trouble free operation. each system custom designed and built to suit the application. Details.


Powder Sampling

Innovative hygienic powder sampling technology using vacuum to transfer from multiple sample points to multiple receivers for snapshot, composite and batch sampling regimes.   Details.



Technopak specialises in developing innovative solutions and one-off designs to improve clients systems and solve specific problems as well as to develop new and improved products. Details.