Hygienic Powder Conveyor

Pressure convey systems are ideal for transporting material from one source to multiple destinations. Systems may uslow velocity dense phase convey technology for sensitive friable materials and for conveying long distances, or lean / dilute phase conveying for general applications. The product transfer may be continuous or in batches depending on the  specific process requirements such as if batch weighing or recipe handling is required.

Technopak has the experience to design the convey system to suit customer requirements and to select the right components for reliable operation and long trouble free service.




  • Dense Phase Pressure conveying using certified pressure vessels
  • Dense and Semi-dense phase conveying using high pressure rotary valves
  • Lean / Dilute phase pressure conveying using rotary valves
  • Lean / Dilute phase conveying using venturi eductors
  • Batch or continuous conveying options
  • Convey air provided by Fans / PD or HP blowers / Compressors
  • In-Line sifting, sampling, metering, metal detection and magnetic seperation features
  • Sanitary systems to USDA / 3A / EHEDG standards are Technopak’s specialty 






  • Hand Demountable and Easy Slide rotor removal options

  • CIP Cleanable equipment designs and accessories
  • Air filtration, heating, cooling and dehumidification systems
  • ATEX Rated components for hazardous areas Categories 3/2/1 for Zones 22/21/20
  • Dust Explosion rated designs using certified flame propagation proof and shock pressure resistant equipment
  • Precision metering components for accurate batch weighing

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