Powder handling systems frequently require material to be weighed for process control and monitoring purposes and for specific amounts to be dosed to ensure correct flowrates and quantities for recipe management, blending and packing processes.

Silos often need to be fitted with loadcells to indicate the weight of the contents, and batching systems require the accurate dosing of arriving ingredients to ensure the correct mixture. Milling and sifting systems often require an accurate steady and continuous material feed for optimum operation.

Technopak provides high quality weighing and dosing equipment designed for sanitary applications to ensure best results. Weigh batching hoppers, bins feeders and associated equipment are designed for dairy, food, nutritional and pharmaceutical powders and comply with USDA, FDA, 3A, EHEDG and other standards used worldwide.

Each system is custom built and designed for the application to ensure performance and safe operation.



  • Volumetric and Gravimetric systems
  • Dosing via Gain-in-Weight or Loss-in-Weight techniques
  • Continuous or Batch operation
  • High accuracy loadcells and control modules
  • Bulk feed systems with trickle/dribble feeders to optimise throughput and accuracy
  • Check-weighing with powder top-up systems
  • Feedback controls to ensure precision via constant weight monitoring
  • Statistics reporting and recipe / inventory management controls
  • Minimisation of weighing system dead-weights for improved performance
  • Automated sampling / CIP cleaning / Gas blanketing / Insulation options
  • Supplied with support frames, access platforms, ladders and stairways
  • USDA, FDA, CE, EHEDG, ATEX, Pharmaceutical standards compliant options

Supplied with complete integrated powder conveying, handling and packing systems.