Sanitary 25kg / 50lb Packer for Kraft Bags and Sacks

Technopak supplies a range of bag filling systems for 25kg / 50lb bags and FIBC bulk bags for sanitary / hygienic applications incl. milk powder, infant formula, dairy, nutritional and pharmaceutical materials. All units are suitable for plastic lined bag systems with a wide range of options including gas packing with Nitrogen/CO2, and full downline systems.


Sanitary Milk Powder Bag PackingCompak 25kg Bag Filler

A very compact 25kg bag filling systems which integrates bag filling, de-aeration, heat sealing and bag turning into a single unit with minimal footprint. Suitable for throughputs up to 5500kg/hr (220 bags/hr).  Details.

25kg Bag Infant Formula PackerSingle Module 25kg Bag Filler

Single Module 25kg bag filler suitable for throughputs up to 6 tonne/hr (240 bags/hr). Modular design enables low cost expansion to 12/17 tonnes/hr at a later date.  Details.


Milk Powder Filling System

Two Module 25kg Bag Filler

Two Module 25kg bag filler suitable for throughputs up to 12 tonne/hr (480 bags/hr).  Modular design enables low cost expansion to 17 tonnes/hr at a later date.  Details.



Three Module 25kg Bag Filler

Three Module 25kg bag filler suitable for throughputs up to 17 tonne/hr (680 bags/hr).  Modular design enables low cost expansion at a later date.  Details.



25kg Bag Filling Line Components

A full range of 25kg bag filling line components including heat sealers, neck preparers/stretchers, bag conveyors, check weighers, metal detectors, reject stations, labellers, inkjet coders, bag turners and kickers and robotic palletising systems and stretchwrapping.  Details.




A range of fillers for FIBC big bags are available from low throughput semi-manual designs to high capacity automated systems including pallet handling, powder compaction, de-aeration and other optional features. All units are built to sanitary standards. Details.


Powder Handling Systems

Powder Handling Systems are designed to suit each application to ensure reliable performance using quality components. Low velocity dense phase vacuum conveying technology is a specialty, and complete systems include silos, sifting, weighing, dosing, mixers etc in a fully integrated process. Details.



Technopak specialises in developing innovative solutions and one-off designs to solve clients problems and develop new and improved products. Details.