Automated Samplers

Technopak sanitary sampling systems are versatile and enable the capture of multiple samples from different locations to be collected and transferred to a single collection point and distributed into multiple sample containers.

Operation is totally automatic and the sampling process may be fully adjustable for size, frequency and interval, with all collected material kept within a fully sealed environment.

They are designed to the highest standards for hygienic applications, and are frequently used by infant formula, milk powder and pharmaceutical manufacturers as part of rigorous quality control monitoring procedures.

Features & Options

  • Multiple option sampling devices using vacuum, augers and plungers
  • Vacuum transfer system to convey samples from multiple locations to a central collection point
  • Multiple sample receptacles to enable simultaneous collection of snapshot, composite, random, variable and grab samples in a fully sealed environment
  • Multiple sample receptacle options including plastic bags, jars and sachets
  • Automated sample sachet sealing systems
  • Adjustable sample size, frequency and intervals via user friendly interface
  • Integrated PLC/HMI controls or via main plant system
  • Hand-demountable construction for quick disassembly, inspection and cleaning
  • Washdown control cabinet and enclosure options
  • Fully polished internal and external finishes
  • USDA, FDA, CE, EHEDG, ATEX, Pharmaceutical standards compliant options
Automated Samplers Automated Samplers Automated Samplers Automated Samplers Automated Samplers Automated Samplers Automated Samplers

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